Allmond Wellness 37

***As of February 1, 2024 Allmond Wellness will be an all-virtual practice. Please email us with any questions. Thank you for your understanding and ongoing support!***

We are sorry to announce that we are no longer accepting new clients. We are happy to keep your name and number on a waiting list but it is unclear when or if we will be able to accept any new client requests. Thank you for your continued support and understanding. 

Have you ever considered exploring the ROOT CAUSES of your depression, anxiety, moodiness, ADHD, fatigue or brain fog symptoms?  Read on.

Allmond Wellness was established as a private integrative mental health/brain health practice in 2020 to provide clients with an alternative to conventional approaches.

Conventional medicine focuses on treating symptoms with pharmaceutical agents dictated by specific diagnoses, which are determined by the DSM-V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual).  While this approach works for some people, many are left struggling with undesired side effects and lingering symptoms.  Others do not respond to medications at all and find themselves hopeless.

Integrative health practitioners dig deeper into genetic variations, dietary short-comings, unaddressed trauma, inflammation, toxin exposure, neurotransmitter insufficiencies, stress and common micronutrient deficiencies.  Addressing these issues usually leads to marked improvement in symptoms and brain functioning.  This is often accomplished without the use of medications but, every client case is different.  There are certainly situations where pharmaceutical agents are successfully prescribed to Allmond Wellness clients.

Additionally, there is a widening body of research that shows an intimate relationship between the microbiome-the bacteria that reside throughout the GI tract-and the quality of mental and physical health.  These micro-organisms produce most neurotransmitters (80-90%!!!) when appropriately cared for.  These central nervous system chemicals play a vital role in overall well-being.  Therefore, if your goal is to live your best life, examining your microbiome is a must!  Allmond Wellness provides access to testing and interpretation to clients who are interested.

Allmond Wellness’s “TEST DON’T GUESS” philosophy will provide clients with many answers to questions that they have been searching for.  These missing pieces of the puzzle often lead to rapid improvements in brain and gut health functioning.  This will help to lower risk of chronic health issues and improve quality of life and longevity!

Please come join us on this healing and educational journey!